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Qigong is a health and longevity practice originating during shamanic times in China.  Once reserved for the emperors, these secrets practices are now available to all of us to help increase vitality, reduce the effects   of stress, enhance our immune systems, and promote longevity.  It is the self-healing branch of Chinese medicine.

“Qi” (chi) means vital life force or energy, “gong” means work or cultivation.  There are thousands of different moving and non-moving qigong practices.  All of the gentle, rhythmic moving forms integrate physical movement with breath and focused intention.  Qigong forms are done standing, seated on a chair  or on the floor, or even lying down.

Through qigong, one learns to relax the mind and body and focus inward so that the inner landscape of the body becomes as familiar as what one can outwardly see.  It’s a way to become aware of thoughts and feelings and their expression in the body, as well as providing a way to transform negativity into feelings of well-being.  It is a way to soften and open the heart.  In qigong practice, one learns to connect with the bountiful earth and heaven energies to cultivate centeredness, vitality, and a feeling of oneness with the universe.  Like acupuncture, practicing qigong can clear stagnations, circulate energy and blood, and detoxify the body for increased vitality and health.  When one is healthy, the mind, body, emotions, and spirit are in harmony and balance.  Practicing qigong is a path to this natural state of joy and peacefulness. 

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